Research, Development & Innovation is the study work which has been carried out under “Green Hats Technologies Sdn Bhd” . The purpose of this educational activities is to gather information and data as center of knowledge hub available to improve, share and educate about elements and factors listed below:

  1. Political Leadership & Harmonies (Transparency, Accountability and Justice)
  2. Economic Reforms (Empowerment)
    1. Economic Enhancement, Advancement & Empowerment Tools
    2. Economic Monitoring & Countermeasures
    3. Digital Economy
    4. Economic Trending (Halal, Vegetarian etc.,)
    5. Economic Prosperity Factors & Agreements
    6. Future Economy & Strategies
  3. Social Research for Improvement (Welfare & Prosperity)
  4. Technological Transformation (Disruptive Technologies and Application)
  5. Decision Making (Using all above factors)

by creating CIR (Competitive Intelligence Reports) or Analysis (BigData) through the resources available for public & research purposes.